What could be a better team building experience than gaining mad skills as a mixologist? When deciding what we wanted to do to help us be even more in sync as a team, we definitely crossed off the list the usual team building exercises of quizzes, obstacle courses, problem solving or letter writing. This was when the decision was made to bring in Socks Tonic to help us do what we do best – add a little flavour. And, on the 29th of March, that’s exactly what we did.

Once we were divided into 3 teams – Orange, Blue and Green – the mixology lessons began, and, as with everything we do, Cranbrook staff tackled their tasks with enthusiasm, laughter and a whole lot of fun. Socks Tonic were hands on with the teams and were there to teach and develop the skills needed to be a mixology master.

Along with learning how to make a host of cocktails, including the very popular Gin and Tonic cocktails, we were all to happy to make the most of our experience and showcase our newly developed skills which also included the professional way of shot pouring. Bartending could be a real possibility in many of our staffs’ future! And, let’s not forget the blind tasting – a perfect addition to the day to get the laughter going, our brains working and to discover the hidden connoisseurs among us.

At the end of the day the Orange team were named the winners. Thanks to all the staff members who took part and gave it their all. The day was filled with shrieks of laughter, messy drinks and a perfect combination of high staff morale and pride.

Thanks to the Socks Tonic team for taking the time to come in and make this teambuilding an experience we will never forget.

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