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Food flavouring

Food flavouring relies on the use of natural products and edible/food grade chemicals, extracts and spices that alter or enhance the flavour of food and food products. Flavour is the sensory perception of food or other substances primarily determined by the chemical senses of taste and smell using nature identical or artificial flavours. Our customer’s final product vision is achieved by giving our utmost attention to even the smallest detail of a flavour during development.


Sweet Flavours

We have the capability of developing flavours for an endless variety of products ranging from Dairy products, sweets, energy drinks, supplements, beverages, bubble-gums to biscuits and baking aids spanning both liquid and powder flavours. Our dedicated sweet R&D lab will develop the best flavours based on the needs and requirements of our customers products, ensuring no compromise is made during production or development. From our ever-expanding library of flavours, we will be able to assist you with any request that you might have.

Savoury Flavours

Our library of savoury flavours is undoubtedly the flagship of our business, spanning more than 13000 formulations. These formulations include tomato, spicy beef, meat, BBQ, butter, cheese, cream cheese & chives and sweetcorn to name a few covering both liquids and powders. With a library as extensive as ours, we are capable of meeting most any needs of our customers. Ranging from naks, puffs, potato chips, corn chips, puffed corn & popcorn to soups, stocks, soya products, meat spices & flavour sachets, dressings and sauces. Added to our development labs is an analytical lab outfitted with our state-of-the-art analytical and quality assurance systems which, further complement and enhance our development capabilities.