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What We Do


Food flavouring

Food flavouring relies on the use of natural products and edible/food grade chemicals, extracts and spices that alter or enhance the flavour of food and food products. Flavour is the sensory perception of food or other substances primarily determined by the chemical senses of taste and smell using nature identical or artificial flavours.

Our flavourists have the uncanny skill to alter the flavour of food through the use of flavours due to the effect flavourants have on the synergy of senses which include the perception of sweet, sour, bitter, salt and umami. By working closely with clients and the sales team, flavourists and applicationists optimize the formulation and/ or recipe along with the required flavours based on the flavour profile requirements envisioned by the client and sales staff, bringing what was imagined to reality for the client. Our customer’s final product vision is achieved by giving our utmost attention to even the smallest detail of a flavour during development.



Fragrance manufacturers

Our fragrance portfolio library has been growing systematically with a clear focus on the requirements set out by our customers. We are profoundly excited about further expanding our fragrance library with more tailor-made fragrances for prospective clients and current customers. Contact us for more information and we will assist you with your fragrance needs.