Citrus, the most pivotal taste profile in beverages, often poses challenges in terms of both pricing and availability. However, at our company, we have developed a ground-breaking solution: the Cranbrook Citrus WS collection. By extracting and utilizing flavour molecules from citrus, we have created a line of boosters that offer unparalleled freshness, authenticity, and regionally specific taste profiles in beverage products.


Our sustainable citrus boosters, referred to as “high impact aroma molecules,” are game-changers in the beverage industry, delivering category-defining products. With Citrus WS, higher concentration, different solvent systems, increased solubility, and enhanced stability are all potential benefits that are highly desirable for all end applications.


Designed to eliminate the challenges associated with working with citrus oils and terpene chemistry, Citrus WS provides an exceptional citrus taste. These flavour solutions are a testament to our commitment to innovation for our customers and are yet another addition to our already extensive African portfolio, aligned with our mission 2025 goals.

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