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Our flavour - what we do

Food flavouring relies on the use of natural products and edible or food-grade chemicals, extracts and spices to enhance flavour in food, making each experience more enjoyable, authentic and memorable.

Our flavourists use cutting-edge technology to create and enhance inspired flavours.

Whether we’re making flavours for soup or soya products, chocolate or cheese, cocoa or soft drinks, you’ll always be able to detect that famous Cranbrook quality.


How does it work?

Our flavours range from A – Z with sub segments underneath and all our categories can include any of or vast flavours (for example, our milkshakes can include the strawberry flavour, and our creams can include the Strawberry Jam flavour) .

Flavour systems can be liquid, powder or spray dried to satisfy the technical requirements by the client.

Our flavours are manufactured in a facility that is FSSC 2200 V5.1 accredited, thereby guaranteeing a safe and quality flavour offering.


What is it?

Our custom-built spray dryer is located in our new building which prepares hydro soluble powders from liquid products. Encapsulation by spray drying consists in protecting the liposoluble product against external factors by making an emulsion that will be atomised into a drying chamber.

The benefits include:
- Converting liquids to solids, hereby protecting and extending storage life,
- Providing sustained or controlled release,
- Masking taste, odour or colour,
- Reducing or controlling the flashpoint and volatility of flavours and separate reactive materials.

Formulation - concept to finish product

trial flavouring

Masking the taste of different active ingredients is an experience that requires knowledge and science to be able to achieve good results.

Therefore, knowing what you need to do before starting a formulation will positively guide your steps in the compounding process.

Our flavour technicians assist on trial runs under factory conditions as part of our service offering.


No matter which items you place in your supermarket
trolley, there’s a very good chance that all your favourites will
feature our flavours.